CREEPY CRAWLS (Horror Travel Guide) - Softcover Book

Forward by Herschell Gordon Lewis. Creepy Crawls is a ghoulish and ghastly terror-touring travel guide to the most dreadfully Horror-ed of destinations! From Tobe Hooper’s 1974 drive-in classic The Texas Chainsaw Massacre to the real-life Baltimore haunts of Edgar Allan Poe to the macabre features of Paris, France, Creepy Crawls offers morbidly offbeat locations for horror aficionados and travel buffs alike. Author Leon Marcelo lurks with you amongst the foulest of frightfully fiendish horror sites, and offers the name and address of each destination, horror trivia and curiosities, photographs, travel tips, all in an entertainingly ghoulish narrative that is in the jugular vein of beloved horror-host Elvira and the classic horror comic book icon The Crypt Keeper. 375 pages; photos!
CREEPY CRAWLS (Horror Travel Guide) - Softcover Book
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