CITY OF THE DEAD (1960/Restored Definitive Version) - Blu-Ray

Also known as HORROR HOTEL. A real winner in terror and fright. A top-flight horror with a low budget. Effective chills with Christopher Lee in the cast. A hitchhiker scene that you won't forget. A young woman researches witchcraft in a small New England town full of fog.... and witches. I remember seeing this at about 10 years old.......I kept thinking "No. No, don't open the trap!" This Blu-Ray is packed! Extras include: extra footage only seen in the British version, digitally transferred here in widescreen, commentary by Christopher Lee, a new 45 minute interview with Christopher Lee, interview with actress Venetia Stevenson, interview and commentary by director John Moxey, theatrical trailer, still photo gallery and more.
CITY OF THE DEAD (1960/Restored Definitive Version) - Blu-Ray
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