Some of the very BEST of classic horror films from the 1930s! Six classics: MARK OF THE VAMPIRE (1935/Bela Lugosi), MAD LOVE (1935/Peter Lorre), DOCTOR X (1932/Lionel Atwill), MASK OF FU MANCHU (1932/Boris Karloff), RETURN OF DR. X (1939/Humphrey Bogart), DEVIL DOLL (1936/Tod Browning).

MARK OF THE VAMPIRE (1935) The re-telling of LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT about a vampire and his daughter sucking a village dry. A murder mystery twist and lots of fun and great thirties atmosphere. Stars Bela Lugosi, Carol Borland, Lionel Atwill and Lionel Barrymore. A scene of the female vampire (Luna) flying within the high ceilinged castle/mansion is brief, but haunting. Directed by Tod Browning.

MAD LOVE (1935) Peter Lorre at his most brilliant and evil as an insane surgeon. He sews the hands of a murderer onto Colin Clive (Dr. Frankenstein in the 1931 classic). The hands seem to have a life of their own, still bent on killing. Wild, intense and beautifully filmed by Karl Freund.

DR. X (1932) Early color film using 2-strip process. Lionel Atwill and Fay Wray in an action-packed who-done-it! Terrible murders in a house full of nutty research doctors. Some hideous monster made of "synthetic flesh" is on a rampage at night when the moon is out. Very cool classic horror!

MASK OF FU MANCHU (1932) The insideous Dr. Fu Manchu is wonderfully portrayed by Boris Karloff. He tortures and commands incredible electric machinery (designed by Kenneth Strickfadden). A glorious adventure/horror-thriller. Don't let him get the mask...or we're all in trouble!

RETURN OF DR. X (1939) Stars Humphrey Bogart, Wayne Morris, Rosemary Lane, Dennis Morgan and Huntz Hall. Yep, this is the one where Bogey's a real Bogeyman. Humphrey Bogart is an insane killer brought back from the dead by a scientist who studies blood. Bogart needs fresh blood to remain alive. Morris is a screw-brained reporter who stumbles onto the secrets, but no one believes him. Effective at times, silly in others. Really wild seeing Bogart as a white-faced zombie-vampire. Reportedly the studio was mad at him and punished him by putting him in this film.

DEVIL DOLL (1936) Lionel Barrymore is an escaped convict befriended by a mad scientist and his even nuttier wife. Barrymore wishes to prove his innocence and the scientist has developed something that may help. He can shrink humans (and animals) to become miniature zombies. Directed by Tod Browning.

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