HOW TO MAKE A MONSTER BASH (2017/Special Interview) - DVD

In June of 2017, actors Gary Conway and Gary Clarke reunited, for the first time, since the making of the film HOW TO MAKE A MONSTER (1958). See the reunion and full length interview here! They clicked immediately as if they have never missed a beat. Their question and answer interview quickly turned into a fun, loving comedy show of memories and jabs. We are so proud and honored to have hosted these amazing talents.

Gary Conway currently owns a respected winery in California and is an artist, musician and actor, Known for BURKE’S LAW and LAND OF THE GIANTS.

Gary Clarke is a writer, comedian and actor. He scripted GET SMART television episodes under the name C.F. L'Amoreaux . He starred in THE VIRGINIAN on TV as well!

HOW TO MAKE A MONSTER BASH (2017/Special Interview) - DVD
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