I WALKED WITH A ZOMBIE (1943/Nostalgia Merchant) - Used VHS

A brilliant bit of film making. Based somewhat on the classic story of "Jane Eyre," "Zombie" takes us to the South Seas, where Nurse Betsy Connell arrives on a remote sugar plantation owned by the mysterious and reclusive Paul Holland. Betsy has been hired to care for Paul's wife Jessica, a catatonic beauty who wanders around in her nightgown. The locals whisper about zombies, believing that Jessica has been cursed and is now one of the living, walking dead. The atmosphere is wonderful, filled with great music, strong women and natives who look like the real thing. The love triangle quickly becomes a love square and the haunting conclusion is both shocking and grimly satisfying. Fans of the brilliant Tourneur won't be disappointed - his mark is all over this beautiful film, from beginning to end.
I WALKED WITH A ZOMBIE (1943/Nostalgia Merchant) - Used VHS
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