IT'S ALIVE (1969)/IN THE YEAR 2889 (1967) - DVD

IT'S ALIVE (1968) Stars Tommy Kirk, Bill Thurman and Shirley Bonnie. A maniac imprisons people and drops them in a cave below his house in the mountains. A hideous monster that lives there, eats them. That simple. Directed by the grade-Z movie maven Larry Buchanan....sure enough to make your head hurt in just minutes!

IN THE YEAR 2889 (1967) This is a remake of the AIP film - DAY THE WORLD ENDED. Survivors of a nucear war have to deal with radiation, insane cannibals and mutated monsters. Both of these films are from famed "Bad Cinema" direcor Larry Buchanan, which means your in for low budget ride to movie Hell.

IT'S ALIVE (1969)/IN THE YEAR 2889 (1967) - DVD
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