HOUSE BY THE RIVER (1950) - Blu-Ray

Stars Louis Hayward, Lee Bowman and Jane Wyatt. A wealthy man has the eyes for the young housekeeper. His mind wanders from his wife, goes after the housekeeper, kills her and dumps her in the river near the house. But, her corpse is not so easily disposed of. His brother helped him hide the crime and regrets it. Strange fears, shadows and insanity slowly erode minds as the very film transforms into a dark nightmare world of horrifying, fantastic events. I was stunned by the photography and Gothic look (similar to THE SPIRAL STAIRCASE's best scenes). I couldn't believe that I hadn't ever stumbled upon this movie before. When I saw Fritz Land was the director, I understood why the film had such a rich, terrifying texture to it. Great stuff.
HOUSE BY THE RIVER (1950) - Blu-Ray
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