BATWOMAN (1968)/PANTHER WOMEN (1967/In English) - Blu-Ray

Both features are NOW, for the first time, in English dubbed versions. Restored in 4K from original negatives.

THE BAT WOMAN (1968) Stars Maura Monti. A female wrestler called the Bat Girl, is also, by night, a masked crime-fighter with some cool electronic devices. The wrestling costume is very similar to Batman. When she's the crime-fighter, it's a bikini, a cape and mask! Pretty crazy. A demented doctor, and his evil assistant Igor, or Ygor are working on a bizarre experiment. They are developing gill-man monsters from fish and hormones from wrestlers. The film also features that surf-guitar sound that he Batman TV shows did. By the way, not that it matters, but the gill-monster is red (not green....but looks similar to the Universal creature).

THE PANTHER WOMEN (1967) Stars Ariadna Welter, Elizabeth Campbell, Eda Lorna and Loco Valdes. A group of Mexican wrasslin' women take on a cult of evil women that worship cats. An ancient magic shape-shifts the coven into half-leopard creatures that attack local villagers. A wrestler called The Angel (he's similar in mask to Santo) aids the crime-fighting wrestling women. It's Mexican monsters, Val Lewton style -- lots of shadows and creepy looking cat women (in between wrestling matches).

BATWOMAN (1968)/PANTHER WOMEN (1967/In English) - Blu-Ray
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