SANTO DOUBLE FEATURE Volume 3 (English Language) - DVD

New English language versions of:

SANTO VS. FRANKENSTEIN'S DAUGHTER (1971) Stars Santo! Dr. Freda Frankenstein and the evil Dr. Yanco want to live forever! They need to develop a long-lasting youth serum....and Santo's super powered blood may be the ticket. They set out to capture our masked hero by kidnapping a beautiful woman. That will lure him in! Then the massive monster that Dr. Frankenstein has created will make mince meat out of Santo.

SANTO AND THE BLUE DEMON VS. DRACULA AND THE WOLF MAN (1973)Stars Santo and The Blue Demon! Decades ago a powerful magician defeated Count Dracula...but he has come back and seeks revenge upon the planet. He recruits the Wolf Man and a pack of ghouls to assist in terrorizing the world. Santo and the Blue Demon are summoned by the ancestor of the great magician and they're off to take on the macabre power struggle!

SANTO DOUBLE FEATURE Volume 3 (English Language) - DVD
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