PHANTOM OF THE MONASTERY (1934/English subtitles) - Blu-Ray

One of the creepiest, strange horror films of the 1930s and not many people are aware of it. Imagine a combination of VAMPYR, THE BLACK CAT, Twilight Zone's THE HOWLING MAN, RETURN TO GLENNASCAUL and THE GHOUL. A trio of travelers on foot get lost in dark woods. A robed stranger gives them the shelter of an old monastery for the night. Odd, subtle unworldly things are noticed. Bat shadows with no light source, creepy monks, a room barred by a large cross, moving objects, glimpses of skeletons of death, and living corpses. Photographed with skill and much camera movement. The woman seems to be strangely affected and tempts an affair with her husband's best friend (the three travelers). Unease and odd events that slowly reveal the supernatural horror of the monastery now apparently run by an order of blasphemous monks. Creepy. In Spanish, with English subtitles.
PHANTOM OF THE MONASTERY (1934/English subtitles) - Blu-Ray
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