KISMET (1930/Lost Film) - Rare Original Newsprint Pressbook

May be the only surviving pressbook of the 1930 lost film KISMET starring Loretta Young and Otis Skinner. Issued by First National Pictures. This film was banned by the movie code in 1934 and all prints are thought destroyed. This surviving "pressbook" is newsprint, 14 pages and very delicate, but intact.

Film historian gold. Inside, lots of background info on the cast, the film process and promotion with photos and ad illustrations.

Here are details about the film: Kismet is a 1930 American pre-Code costume drama film photographed entirely in an early widescreen process using 65mm film that Warner Bros. (then First National) called Vitascope. The film, now considered lost.

Additional info: Although tame by today's standards, KISMET was considered racy for its time and it could not be re-released after the censorship restrictions of the Production Code were enforced in 1934. With no reissue value, KISMET was probably ordered destroyed (a fate that befell many early talkies from Warner Bros. that could not be re-released). The story was re-made in the 1940s and the 1950s.

KISMET (1930/Lost Film) - Rare Original Newsprint Pressbook
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  • Manufacturer: First National
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