ULTRA Q (NEO) (2013) - Blu-Ray

Three friends with different backgrounds investigate strange happenings, giant monsters and the supernatural. Really one of the best series to ever come out of science fiction from Japan. Really, great, fun, dramatic and cool monsters! 12 episode mini-series. English subtitles.

The third Ultra Q series. NEO ULTRA Q was promoted as being a second season of the 1960s original. And if so, what a second season it is. Each 30 minute episode packs in more drama (sometimes heartbreaking) than most one hour shows. Incredible ideas and visuals, if you are an Ultra fan who is thinking of skipping this one as it does not feature an Ultraman, then you better think again. This is one of the finest Ultra series ever made and one of the best Science Fiction/Fantasy shows to come down the pike, East or West, in a long, long time.

ULTRA Q (NEO) (2013) - Blu-Ray
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