SCI-FI SERIALS - 4 DVD Wooden Box Set

THE PHANTOM EMPIRE (1935) Stars Gene Autry, Frankie Darro, Betsy Ross King and Smiley Burnette. Is it a western? A musical? An all out sci-fi blast? It's all of the above. Cowboys and cowgirls explore the underground world of Murania...loaded with robots and weirdness. A socko complete serial on two discs.

UNDERSEA KINGDOM (1936) Stars Ray "Crash" Corrigan, Monte Blue and Lon Chaney Jr. Rockin' fun serial with Corrigan taking on the evil minnions of Atlantis. He battles their terror technology of armored viehicles, ray guns and futuristic submarines. Chaney is one of the heavies playing it to the hilt in funky Atlantis clothing. You'll never forget the line "Go ahead and RAM!"

SCI-FI SERIALS - 4 DVD Wooden Box Set
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