VAMPIRE PEOPLE, THE (Blood Drinkers/1966) - DVD

Also known a: THE BLOOD DRINKERS. Stars Ronald Remy as the Vampire King. Remy is a bald, fanged and caped evil vampire....I mean evil. No sympathy for this guy. He frequently is wearing sunglasses (like the outer space vampire in NOT OF THIS EARTH) and has one bad attitude. There's a great fight scene and lots of unexplainable strange circumstances. Remy (Dr. Marco, the vampire) runs a whole horde of toothy vamps that are purging the local countryside of its blood. Filmed in the Phillippines, it's got a real to life "Old World" gritty feel. For some reason, Marco wields a handgun to shoot at torch and flare-gun armed villagers, even though he can just disappear if he wants too...? Didn't figure that out. One scene has a female vampire committing suicide by driving a stake through her own heart! This thing is wild and not boring. Extras include lost scenes, House of Terror Live Horror Show promo, trailers, still gallery and more.
VAMPIRE PEOPLE, THE (Blood Drinkers/1966) - DVD
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