WEIRD WORLDS (Four Feature Films) - DVD

THE PHANTOM PLANET (1961) Stars Dean Fredericks, Coleen Gray, Tony Dexter and Delores Faith. An exploration mission in space leads to the capture of an earth rocket by the magnetic field of a phantom planet. This planet travels through space supporting life by means of a force field. An American astronaut is shrunk to 6 inches high, matching the inhabitants of the planet. Evil monster "Solarnites" attack the drifting planet. Low budget, rocking space opera directed by William Marshall.

FIRST SPACESHIP ON VENUS (1961) Spacecraft travels to Venus to find it a radioactive mess from nuclear Holocaust. Vivid space adventure. East German/Polish film.

DESTINATION MOON (1950) It's the race to the moon! But once we get there...can we ever get back?! Beautiful George Pal effects.

PROJECT MOONBASE (1953) Science Fiction author Robert Heinlein wrote this story about a projected space station on the moon. A Russian spy tries to wreck the mission. Great early fifties sci-fi!

WEIRD WORLDS (Four Feature Films) - DVD
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