FRIGHT (1956) / STARK FEAR (1956) - DVD

FRIGHT (1956) Stars Eric Fleming (CURSE OF THE UNDEAD) and Nancy Malone. Hypnotist Fleming does his job on a ruthless serial killer...but, accidentally hypnotizing an young woman on-looker. She is drawn to his office and becomes a patient. The doctor realizes that she is the reincarnation of a baroness from another time...then, a darker secret comes out about the murderer....chiller thriller on a low budget.

STARK FEAR (1963) Stars Beverly Garland, Kenneth Tobey and Skip Homeier. Garland is married to an insane sadist. He loves to hurt her and have others hurt her. She runs from him, then foolishly tracks him back down in his hometown. She finds all kinds of skeletons in his closet, like a mother-obsession (shades of Psycho). Her first name was the same as his mother's. He lets a drunken friend rape her (while he watches from the graveyard). Kenneth Tobey, her employer, comes to the rescue on various occasions. Seedy, gritty, low-budget....but strangely, not all that bad. Has the look, quality-wise of CARNIVAL OF SOULS, though it isn't as creative or scary.

FRIGHT (1956) / STARK FEAR (1956) - DVD
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