VOODOO MAN (1944/Legend Films) - DVD

Two versions of the movie on this disc. The Mystery Science Theatre treatment with Michael J. Nelson and the complete original film uninterrupted!

This is the one. It has John Carradine as an idiot with hair flopping in his face, George Zucco as a gas station attendant moonlighting as a voodoo priest, a cast of beautiful female zombies AND Lugosi in a wonderfully restrained role that emits sincerity. And, Bela's got a cool beard. A barrel of zombie fun.

The best looking print I've ever seen of this Monogram poverty-row classic! It appears to be from a 35mm print with only some scratching here and there. The detail and clarity on the close-ups are stunningly excellent quality.

The most fun of the Monogram horror movies and one of Lugosi's best performances from the 1940s!

VOODOO MAN (1944/Legend Films) - DVD
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