FULL MOON CURSE (Classic Monsters) - Book

By G.M. Goodwin. A book of fiction that brings back all your favorite classic monsters into present day! It merges WEREWOLF OF LONDON with ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN, then sets the action around a convention of film fans like MONSTER BASH! It sounds far-fetched, but it's done logically and the characters are real, living again. The continuation we've always wants, brought right home for fans.

Don't let the book cover fool you, this isn't a teen-oriented spin of the "hip" goth-vampire crowd. This is an all-out classic monster fest. Frankenstein's undying monster, Larry Talbot and his Wolf Man alter-ego, Count Dracula, and scientist Glendon is back, another cursed by the full moon. Every page has characters that seem very, very familiar to classic monster movie fans.

Exciting, thrilling, a new monster fest especially for you and me.

FULL MOON CURSE (Classic Monsters) - Book
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