During its 1959-1960 season, many quality episodes came out of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents," along with a star-studded cast: Dick Van Dyke, Laurence Harvey, Macdonald Carey, Robert Vaughn, Burt Reynolds, and Barbara Baxley, to name a few.

Another interesting tidbit: Alfred Hitchcock not only opens and closes with a synopsis of each show, but in season five he also wears the director's hat and directs the first and second episodes, "Arthur" and "The Crystal Trench."

Some of the show's highlights for me: "Man From the South", "Appointment at Eleven", "Dead Weight", "Road Hog", "An Occurrence at Owl Creek", "Graduation Class", "Hitch Hike", "Party Line" and "Hooked". To name a few of the well written stories in this package. Everyone has their own favorites, likes and dislikes, of the many episodes throughout the seven year run. And beyond.

And in these thirty-eight dark half hour episodes, mystery and suspense fans can rejoice as Alfred Hitchcock Presents: season five, one of the finest out of its seven season run, proves once again that the best direction and performance in classic TV entertainment is right here--at its very best. The writing, too, never seemed to change in its seven year run. Always the best story telling in TV history, much like The Twilight Zone. Suspense and mystery was always the name of the game for Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Now here is to The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, which hopefully is released following these DVD box sets, and in its entirety, no less.

Episode 1: "Arthur" Episode 2: "The Crystal Trench" Episode 3: "Appointment at Eleven" Episode 4: "Coyote Moon" Episode 5: "No Pain" Episode 6: "Anniversary Gift" Episode 7: "Dry Run" Episode 8: "The Blessington Method" Episode 9: "Dead Weight" Episode 10: "Special Delivery" Episode 11: "Road Hog" Episode 12: "Specialty of the House" Episode 13: "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge" Episode 14: "Graduating Class" Episode 15: "Man From the South" Episode 16: "The Ikon of Elijah" Episode 17: "The Cure" Episode 18: "Backward, Turn Backward" Episode 19: "Not the Running Type" Episode 20: "The Day of the Bullet" Episode 21: "Hitch Hike" Episode 22: "Across the Threshold" Episode 23: "Craig's Will" Episode 24: "Madame Mystery" Episode 25: "The Little Man Who Was There" Episode 26: "Mother, May I Go Out to Swim?" Episode 27: "The Cuckoo Clock" Episode 28: "Forty Detectives Later" Episode 29: "The Hero" Episode 30: "Insomnia" Episode 31: "I Can Take Care of Myself" Episode 32: "One Grave Too Many" Episode 33: "Party Line" Episode 34: "Cell 227" Episode 35: "The Schartz-Metterklume Method" Episode 36: "Letter of Credit" Episode 37: "Escape to Sonoita" Episode 38: "Hooked" T.B. Grant

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