IRON GIANT, THE (1999/Video with action figure) - VHS

Starring the voices of Jennifer Aniston and Harry Connick, Jr. THIS is another HIGHLY recommended tape here in the Creepy Classics crypt. It's a kid's animated movie that also is a salute to all our classic 50's Sci-Fi films. A young boy's backyard looks like the kid's backyard in INVADERS FROM MARS. There are references to FORBIDDEN PLANET, THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL, RED PLANET MARS and many others. Just try to pick out all the "winks" these film makers included! The story is of a boy in the 1950's who finds a UFO that has crash landed on earth....only the UFO is a giant friendly robot. The government is after it to destroy the thing and the young boy, along with a hip-cat beatnik hide the behemoth in a scrap yard. Shear fun and entertainment swooping out of the Red Scare past to sweep us off our feet! If you loved 50's Sci-Fi films --- DON'T MISS THIS. The video comes with a small robot action figure of The Iron Giant.
IRON GIANT, THE (1999/Video with action figure) - VHS
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