EERIE, INDIANA (Complete TV Series 1991-1992)

Starring Omri Katz and Justin Shenkarow. After this series came and went in the early 1990s, I've been looking for it ever since, without avail....until now. Don't know what this series is? It fits perfectly for us Monster Kids who have that tie - growing up...with creepy movies. A young boy, Marshall Teller, moves from New Jersey to a place called Eerie, Indiana. He soon finds it to be the center of weirdness in the universse. Marshall, along with his friend Simon seem to be the only ones who believe in the things happening beneath the surface: living mummies, machines with a mind of their own, a mystical curio/kids shop, a woman's club with "Dorian Gray" tendencies, a guy on the paper route that looks suspiciously like an older Elvis Presley, a guy named Mr. Chaney that gets mighty weird on full moons. Episodes feature John Astin (who is brilliant) and Ray Walston (My Favorite a Martian!). *Also, included the one filmed, but un-aired show "Broken Record."
EERIE, INDIANA (Complete TV Series 1991-1992)
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