AZTEC MUMMY, THE (1957/In Spanish) - DVD

Also known as ATTACK OF THE AZTEC MUMMY. Stars Ramon Gay, Rosita Arenas and Luis Aceves Castaneda. Dr. Almada disturbs the rest of the Aztec Mummy by removing armor from its tomb. Now the mummy's curse is upon him and his fiancee. The mummy's stalking and it's one cool looking mummy...not the traditional Hollywood-type mummy, but a shock-haired, teeth-baring, parched-skinned horror. It shuffles and growls. There's a sub-plot of an evil Dr. Krup and a band of underworld thugs that also want to steal the treasure from science fort heir own gain. Really good Mexican monster movie, but slow to start....but when the mummy rises, things really rock. In Spanish language, no subtitles.
AZTEC MUMMY, THE (1957/In Spanish) - DVD
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