BLACK CAT, THE (1934) - Magic Image Filmbook

By Greg Mank. In 1934, Universal Pictures released The Black Cat - the first teaming of Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi, and the darkest, most sinister horror classic in the studio's legendary canon. MagicImage Filmbooks takes you on a time travel trip back into the shadowy soundstage of this macabre milestone - the facts, the figures, the studio politics, the sinister inspirations, the demonic virtuosity of director Edgar G. Ulmer, the censorship troubles, the personal memories of the leading ladies, a sexual harassment saga almost as perverse as the film itself... and the complex, moving, ultimately tragic relationship of the film's two horror superstars. Included are the pressbook, and many rare and striking photos. Plus: "The BLACK CAT: Universal's Symphony of Horrors, The Film's Music" by Randall D. Larson
BLACK CAT, THE (1934) - Magic Image Filmbook
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