THE HANDS OF ORLAC (1924) Stars Conrad Veidt, Alexandra Sorina and Fritz Cortner. The hands of a killer are grafted oto a pianist. The pianist begins taking on the characteristics of the murderer in the control of his hands. A chilling, strong performance by Conraf Veidt (THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI).

SECRETS OF A SOUL (1926) Stars Werner Krauss (CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI), Ruth Weyher and Pavel Pavlov. A German expressinist film based on the writings of classic psychoanalysis. A strange film that dives into the bizarre world of dreams and nightmares. Krauss plys a man with a strange fixation of knives and the desire to murder his wife.

THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI (1919) The expressionistic classic. A silent with cool sets and acting. A carnival magician keeps a somnambulist under his power to commit murder by night. Often imitated, never duplicated. A psychotronic original! This DVD also includes a short version of a vampire silent called GENUINE.

WARNING SHADOWS (1923) A film by Arthur Robinson. The epitome of creepy German expressionism in film. Cinematographer Fritz Arno Wagner was just off of NOSFERATU when he shot this landmark film. A nomadic magician arrives at a house in time for a dinner party. His illusions involves shadows on a wall that seem to have a life of their own. The shadows twist the perspectives of the viewers causing unrest in the house. Full of phantoms and a heavy, eerie atmosphere and psychological terror.

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