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BLOB, THE (1958/Criterion Special Edition) - DVD


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That red jelly ooze from outer space has arrived! A meteorite from the cosmos smacks into earth and is discovered by an old codger. He pokes it with a stick and the thing cracks open, the Blob shoots out and attaches itself to his arm -- then devours him. It grows and keeps seeking other victims...Look for the theatre scene -- it features the cult classic DAUGHTER OF HORROR on the marquee in a live "Spook Show" with Bela Lugosi (who would have been dead two years when this film came out).

Cool Daddy Steve McQueen and Aneta Corseaut star. Aneta went on to be Andy Griffin's girlfriend in his classic TV show. Hot rods, teenagers that look like they're in their thirties and a neat-o original monster.

This is a special Criterion disc. It features a new widecrenn digital transfer, audio commentary by producer Jack Harris and others. The theatrical trailer is included. BLOBabilia, a special feature on collcting Blob memorabilia with Wes Shank. And, more....