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OCTAMAN (1971)/LEGEND OF DINOSAURS (1977) - Double Feature DVD


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OCTAMAN (1971) Stars Pier Angeli, Kerwin Mathews and Jeff Morrow. Shades of CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, but on no-budget. Weird, mutated octopuses are found. They're dad is angered and it terrorizes a group pf explorers. The full-grown creature is half-man, half-octopus! A walking, seven foot monster with waving tentacles. SPFX man Rick Baker is the Octaman. Drive-in era horror!

THE LEGEND OF DINOSAURS AND MONSTER BIRDS (1977) A lake with a prehistoric plesiosaur is devouring all who boat, swim and doggy-paddle in the water. Large eggs are discovered in a mountain cave....about to hatch sky-born dinosaurs. A battle of the behemoths is quite the spectacle in this Japanese produced monster mash-up.