SERVANTS OF EVIL (Four Movie Set) - DVD Set


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NIGHTMARE CASTLE (1966) A cheating wife of a demented evil scientist (not a person to cross!) has an affair. The husband kills his wife and her lover. To retain the estate, he marries his wife's half-wacky sister and tries to scare her to death. The ghosts of the murder victims also join the party. Talk about a dysfunctional family. Barbara Steele, in a dual role, plays the wife and step-sister (with blonde hair).

I BURY THE LIVING (1958) A man takes over the role as bookkeeper for a local cemetary. He discovers that he has the power to make people die at will through the use of a mystical cemetary map. A too-often overlooked classic. It overcomes a low budget with solid acting from the likes of Richard Boone and brilliantly creative direction. A psychological thriller not to be missed!

INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN (1956) Lon Chaney Jr. gets electrocuted, then revived as a super-charged "man made monster." He's nicknamed "The Butcher," because of his murderous reputation. Electrifying fun!

HORROR HOTEL (1960) A real winner in terror and fright. A top-flight horror with a low budget. Effective chills with Christopher Lee in the cast. A hitchhiker scene that you won't forget. A young woman researches witchcraft in a small New England town full of fog.... and witches.