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Stars Jack Holt, Fay Wray, Dorothy Burgess and Cora Sue Collins.

A woman wishes to return to her childhood home. The down side is her childhood home was a remote island where the natives still practice voodoo. She hopes to purge some bad childhood memories of a voodoo priestess and strange, dark acts of her foggy past. Well, it doesn't an adult she's swept back into the hidden evils of the island and its arcane rituals. So much so, that it takes control of her mind and she wants to sacrifice the lives of her husband and young child! Holed up in a house, the husband, his secretary (Fay Wray) and the child find building fear as the jungle drums beat and all out evil surrounds them.

Very similar in feel to a Val Lewton film.....before Lewton started his classic canon at RKO.