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Three really excellent Karloff vehicles from Warner Brothers. Not "horror" movies, but just solid "B" films:

WEST OF SHANGHAI (1937) Starring Boris Karloff as Fang! An amazing and little talked about performance by Karloff. He pulls off a bad guy that's good, all while doing an eastern accent with subtlety. A really great little film with wonderful acting and an intense finale!You'll never forget Boris saying "No worry....I am Fang!"

THE INVISIBLE MENACE (1938) Stars Boris Karloff, Marie Wilson and Eddie Craven. A private in the military sneaks his new wife onto base. They stumble on to murder. Karloff is sinister in this taught who-done-it. A lot of great photography making us of shadows and light.

DEVIL'S ISLAND (1940) Stars Boris Karloff. Karloff is a surgeon who treats a wounded revolutionary. Because he did, they throw him in a harsh French prison. Karloff was torn between the law and his oath as a doctor. The tragedy is heightened as Karloff is a surgeon who can save the life of the prison commander's daughter.