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Double Feature:

THE CURSE OF BIGFOOT (1976) Stars Bob Clymire, Jan Swihart, and Bill Simonsen. One of the goofiest low budget Bigfoot movies out there...and there are a lot of them. A high school teacher takes his kids on a field trip on the desert, where they find a buried tomb. Inadvertently they revive an ancient beast from its tomb. I wonder if they needed permission slips from their parents? A film that started in 1963 and then 1970s footage was added to get it released to theatres and drive-ins. A Z-Budget oddity.

CATHY'S CURSE (1978) Stars Alan Scarfe, Beverly Murray, and Randi Allen. Another creepy doll movie. There's something inherently sinister about the unflinching face of doll in the right context. In this one a cursed doll that belonged to a girl killed in a violent, fiery death takes possession of a little girl.