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DRACULA (1931/Bela Lugosi) - Blu-Ray


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Official Universal all-region Blu-Ray! A sheer classic. Critics gripe about the staginess and slow moving story....but without those elements it would lose an unworldly ambiance that I love. It may be slow in development at the beginning, but it's not boring. The actors are believable and the whole film can put you in a trance of uneasiness. Frye as Renfield is electric, Chandler is beautiful and frail as the Count's victim, Manners is frustrated and righteous, Sloan as Van Helsing is the quintessential hope that we look to....and Bela Lugosi became an icon stamped in the minds of movie-goers forever with this film.

Bonus: Includes full-length Spanish version with different actors, three documentaries, optional audio set-up with music track, David Skal commentary, Trailer Gallery and much more.