HOUSE OF YGOR - Hardback Book

Arcane Shadows Press

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Award winning and Rondo Hatton nominated author, Brad A. Braddock, returns from the grave to spin a new web of terror for the world of classic horror! A novel based on the untold Universal horror films back stories. Creep through the misty cold graveyards and explore the broken-down laboratories where Ygor, the master of Frankenstein’s Monster had spent so many of his darkened and dreary days. Ygor’s tales of woe continue, following the events documented in the film BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN.

Ygor is despised and barely tolerated by the villagers for the grave robbing and body snatching crimes that he committed for Baron Von Frankenstein. Spared mostly in part by Inspector Krogh’s last chance of forgiveness, Ygor tries desperately to remain the goodhearted blacksmith and sheepherder that he once was … yet, when he gazes at Frankenstein’s castle through the mysterious fog, that curious evil bone in his body always lights up with wicked excitement. Even though Ygor has control of his morbid emotions, he is thrust into a chain of events that will forever pain his body and haunt his soul.

Follow Ygor through this wicked tale of classic horror that ties events from BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN to SON OF FRANKENSTEIN … and don’t be surprised if you find some old familiar faces along the way.