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CURSE OF THE MUMMY'S TOMB (1964) Stars Terrence Morgan, Ronald Howard, Fred Clark and Jeanne Roland. A wealthy mummy's tomb is discovered and an American Barnum-and-Bailey type wants to exploit the treasure and the mummy. The mummy's doesn't take kindly to the desecration and puts the hurt and everyone he encounters. A fun, mummy film, with comedic moments. Hammer's version on THE MUMMY'S HAND.

THE TWO FACES OF DR. JEKYLL (1960) Also known as: HOUSE OF FRIGHT. Stars Christopher Lee, Paul Massie and Dawn Addams. Hammer films first outing with a version of the classic Jekyll-Hyde saga. The science driven doctor experiments on himself to reveal his theories of alternate souls. What results is a handsome devil who has the heart of a monster. Proving his theory and also the fact that he should have stuck to ice tea.

THE GORGON (1964) Wonderful mix of Hammer horror and mythology. Peter Cushing stars. Don't look at The Gorgon, whatever you do!!! Don't look!

SCREAM OF FEAR (1961) Also Known As: TASTE OF FEAR. Stars Susan Strasberg, Ronald Lewis, Ann Todd, and Christoopher Lee. A twisted chiller from Hammer. A wheel-chair bound women begins seeing her father's corpse popping up everywhere at an old English estate. Why and how is this happening...? A creeper from Hammer.