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Creepy Classics

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Monster Bash Magazine is the magazine for kids of all ages from the 70 year old who saw these classic films in the theatre to their kids who grew up in the 1960s-1970s in the merchandising Monster Boom, to the kids of those kids who are fascinated by the classic monsters romping across a TV screen! You'll see the coolest, Strangest Frankenstein Monster - Glenn Strange. A date with Fay Wray shortly before she passed. Legendary 1950s-1960s movie director Herbert Strock is interviewed. Jack Pierce remembered for his immortal make-ups of classic Universal Monsters. There's a trip to Ireland and Bram Stoker's home with thoughts on Dracula's real estate. Find out about the elusive DRACULA actor David Manners' final decades, up close and personal. Classic Monster Toys from the 1960s will bring it all back: the smell of fresh plasic and grinding, hidden gears. Plus, so much more! The Creepy Crossword, New York monster movie showcase memories.

Art by Lorraine Bush and Kerry Gammill. The stories from Robert Taylor, Scott Essman, Raymond Castile, Lawrence Fultz, Terry Pace, Ron Adams, Mike Koneful, Barb Heiss and more!