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Creepy Classics

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The all glossy classic monster movie magazine! A retro look for fans horror and science fiction films. Packed with stunning rare photos. In this issue:

The Unknown Universal Frankenstein! The wild monster party at Universal in 1935. See the faces in glossy gory glory. Monsters, "House Art" style of the 1920s and 1930s. It came from the Amazon...creepy crawly things, animal men and hidden away mad doctors on remote islands. Writer Frank Dello Stritto takes us on a travelogue of horror on film from the darkest jungles. Classic ghost story author M.R. James passes the rune in this issue with M.P. Adams. Beware, because it means the CURSE OF THE DEMON. Rare interview conjured up by film historian Tom Weaver. Fan letters on the days of growing up in our Monster Boom Generation.