VEIL Volume 2 (Classic Boris Karloff TV/Alpha) - DVD


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Four episodes of the never-aired Boris Karloff TV spook show, THE VEIL. Similar to THRILLER, TWILIGHT ZONE or NIGHT GALLERY. Boris Karloff hosts and stars in tales beyond THE VEIL. Classic creepy TV!


Episode 1 - "The Gloucester Captain": Having gone mad after many long years at sea, Captain John Elwood returns home to Massachusetts with thoughts of brutally murdering his devoted wife.

Episode 2 - "The Doctor" Angelo, the son of an elderly doctor, attempts to save the life of a deathly ill young girl. After his father unexpectedly arrives to help her, Angelo realizes he has had a brush with the supernatural.

Episode 3 - "The Crystal Ball": Edmond Valye is hopelessly in love with a beautiful but greedy woman. When he discovers a mystical crystal ball, Edmond learns the scandalous secrets of her deceitful nature.

Episode 4 - "Two Sons": Rival brothers battle each other for the estate of their recently departed father. When the conflict turns violent, the dead father's restless spirit returns to save his family from total destruction.