PHANTOMS OF DEATH (Triple Feature) - DVD

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THE PHANTOM OF 42nd STREET (1945) Stars Dave O'Brien, Kay Aldridge, Alan Mowbray and Frank Jenks. A similar underlying theme to Universal's HOUSE OF FEAR (1939). An actor drops dead in the middle od a stage performance. Theatre critic (O'Brien) tries to clear his girlfriend/suspect and gets in deeper than he thought. Soon his girlfriend (Aldridge) has her life threatened too.

THE PHANTOM KILLER (1943) Stars Dick Purcell, Joan Woodbury and Mantan Moreland. Just discovered rarity! A Monogram quickie-programmer which featurtes a weird mystery tale. A murderer appears to casually leave the scene of the crime, making sure he is seen by the janitor and confirms the time. Yet, when the janitor is questioned, the killer is identified as a well known society man with an air tight alibi. What is going on? Strange twists and turns with tough guy Dick Purcell on the trail. Mantan Moreland, as usual, gets the whole film rocking. Gotta love Mantan! Believe it or not, this is a remake of the 1933 Lionel Atwill fim, THE SPHINX.

PHANTOM OF CHINATOWN (1940) Keye Luke steps in as Mr. Wong. Monogram Pictures decided to use Boris Karloff in THE APE instead. This is still a dynamite entry. Luke is great as Mr. Wong and there's Egyptian mummies, murder and mystery!