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THE BAT (1958) The classic story of a bat-like hooded killer that creeps around an old mansion. Agnes Moorehead as a mystery writer is tormented by The Bat. Vincent Price is the local doctor with a suspicious gleam in his eye!

THE GORILLA (1939) Bela Lugosi and Lionel Atwill are the heavies with comedy relief provided by the Ritz Brothers (a poor man's Stooges/ Marx Brothers). A slick production with effective stormy night scenes in a spooky mansion. Hidden panels, shadows and mystery.

HORROR HOTEL (1960) A real winner in terror and fright. A top-flight horror with a low budget. Effective chills with Christopher Lee in the cast. A hitchhiker scene that you won't forget. A young woman researches witchcraft in a small New England town full of fog.... and witches.