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THE PHANTOM PLANET (1961) Stars Dean Fredericks, Coleen Gray, Tony Dexter and Delores Faith. An exploration mission in space leads to the capture of an earth rocket by the magnetic field of a phantom planet. This planet travels through space supporting life by means of a force field. An American astronaut is shrunk to 6 inches high, matching the inhabitants of the planet. Evil monster "Solarnites" attack the drifting planet. Low budget, rocking space opera directed by William Marshall.

PHANTOM FROM SPACE (1953) Alien lands in Santa Monica...terrorizing people. He's invisible and gives authorities a run for their money.

PHANTOM FROM 10,000 LEAGUES (1956) Low budget drive-in flick with Kent Taylor. The Phantom is a poorman's "Black Lagoon" thing. A hoot...invite the boys over for this one! You'll never look at a fishing pond the same way again!