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SERIAL CHILLERS (Triple Feature) - DVD


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DR. BLOOD'S COFFIN (1960) A Hammer-looking film with a doctor experimenting with everlasting life. A really cool looking zombie is unhappy with the proceedings and rises from the grave.

FURY OF THE WOLFMAN (1970) Spanish horror with cult hero Paul Naschy doing his wolf man thing! A twisted version of the WEREWOLF OF LONDON story with an expedition to the mountain regions of Tibet. Scientist is bitten by a werewolf, only to turn into one himself. An evil woman doctor decides to try some mind-control on make matters worse.

THE BRAINIAC (1959) AKA: THE BARON OF TERROR. The outrageous monster from the past! A warlock is somehow brought back to life through a mysterious comet that passes the earth (as it did at his execution centuries before). The evil warlock now is a blood-sucking long-tounged beast that takes human form to walk among humans. Nutty.