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MURDERS IN THE RED BARN (1935) If you're a Tod Slaughter fan, you must have this one. Todd goes totally spastic as a deranged, lecherous, no-good jag-off. Over-the-top melodrama.

CRIMES AT THE DARK HOUSE (1938) A Tod Slaughter classic. If you thought Lugosi or Carradine would go over the top -- forget it. This guy gives new meaning to hamming it up as an evil murderer. Once you start getting into Slaughter's macabre high-camp, you'll be hooked on his films. A hoot!

THE DEMON BARBER OF FLEET STREET (1936) Tod Slaughter in his most famous role. He's a murderer masquerading as a barber. Bent on revenge and the need for cash, he kills customers while the neighbor baker turns the bodies into meat pies. Unbelievable high horror camp; Slaughter is "deliciously" diabolical.